Through the London centre of Indian Head Champissage I have completed their training course with Alison Ingles at Balquider, Perth.

It is a form of Indian Head Massage that also encompasses deep tissue massage in the upper back, shoulders and neck, which are the areas most vulnerable to stress and tension. It also relieves tension in the face and jaw. NO OIL is used during the treatment

The massage begins with work on the upper back and shoulder area to ease knotted muscles and stiffness then onto the neck to relax and release tension, together with the arms. Next is a scalp massage, working through the hair, and this is followed by working pressure points on the face and ears.

What Conditions Can it Help?

It may assist to bring relief from conditions such as:


Neck and shoulder stiffness

Sinus pain

Tension around the eyes due to computer use or driving

Mental and physical tiredness

Stress-related symptoms

“Thank you Clare had a great head massage and facial today feeling like I’m gonna get the best nights sleep tonight xx”