Mindful Reflexology

During a very relaxing break over Easter I spent some time reading various articles on Mindful And Reflective Reflexolgy – the link between the mind and health!

The AOR Published on Feb 19, 2015:

“It is so often our mind that prolongs the stress reaction in our bodies – by overthinking and placing judgements on thoughts. If stress levels remain high in our body this can be detrimental to both physical and mental wellbeing. Mindful Reflexology fuses techniques for calming the mind and supporting a stressed body.

Thank you to Sally Earlam (AoR Head of Training and Education) for taking part and sharing her knowledge in this”

I was lucky enough to train with Sally in January and we talked about Mindfullness then which sparked my interest!

I am incorporating new techniques in my reflexology to link certain hormone groups to rebalance the mind and aid the bodies natural healing process! It really is a must try!!